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PGM Golf Tee Adjustable Limit Aiming Assist

PGM Golf Tee Adjustable Limit Aiming Assist

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Precision Perfection: PGM Golf Tee - Your Ultimate Game-Changer

Multifunctional golf tees, step down golf ball holder.This golf nail is an internet celebrity style, which is often seen on short video platforms and is very popular.Three-line design, use the aiming line to adjust the direction and hit the target more accurately.Adjustable range of ball nail height: 35mm-55mm.

Improve accuracy,height adjustment,rugged and durable,can be used for ball marking.Increase flight distance,with aiming line to help you hit the ball accurately.There are 5 bumps and circular lines on the ball stud, which can reduce the contact surface between the ball and the stud.


Brand: PGM
Model: QT022
Name: Limit Tee
Specification: 77mm (4 pieces/box), 33-55mm adjustable
Colors: blue, orange, green, red
Material: ABS plastic
Weight: approximately 60g

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