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1pcs Golf Cut Direction Indicator

1pcs Golf Cut Direction Indicator

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Golf Cut Direction Indicator golf club practice accessories Improve golf ball game skill Training Aids magnetic stick for golfer

Many golfers just want to hit the ball higher and farther when playing, and often ignore the direction of the ball after it hits. This telescopic swing direction indicator can intuitively indicate the direction in which the ball will move when the golfer swings and hits the ball, thereby effectively helping the golfer swing and hitting the ball accurately in practice, making the practitioner more effective and accurate Hit the ball to the target area.

Cut the ball: The skills of cutting the ball and hitting practice, Applicable club: No. 8 or more and no more than 52 degrees.
Cut the ball points:
1: Grip the Rod
1): Both hands are lower than normal grip, just hold to the letter on the grip.
2): The strength should not be too large, just hold it gently.

2: Standing Address
1) The feet are in an open stance, and the body position is lower than normal stance.
2) Focus on the left foot.
3) Keep the grip close to the inner left thigh and keep a fist distance.
4) The ball is on the left toe of the right foot.

3: Back Swing
1) Rotate the upper body with the spine as the axis, and the shoulders, arms and clubs can form a small Y.
2) Keep your wrist fixed
3) The lower part of the body can't move left and right when it is up and down.

4: Down Swing Shot
1) The active rotation of the lower part of the body with the spine as the center of gravity drives the upper body to rotate the lower club.
2) When Down Swing, make sure that the head cannot follow the body rotation and sway left and right, and keep it fixed.
3) Keep your hand in front of the club when you hit the ball down to make a solid shot.

5: Follow Through and Finish
1) After the shot is finished, the small Y should be kept unchanged, so that the club surface moves in the target direction (don't turn your wrist)
2) Keep your head at the address, and look up at the ball when you hear the sound of the ball landing.

Warm Tip:
The purpose of the cut rolling ball: The cut rolling ball is characterized by a short flying distance. The rolling distance is long, the action is simple, and it is easy to master. It is mainly used for short-cut Putting Green with a relatively flat Putting Green skirt and the distance around the Putting Green ring.

1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
2. Please allow 1-3mm measuring deviation due to manual measurement. 



Main Material: Stainless Steel + Magnet
Color: Black, Yellow, Blue
Product Size: 160 * 36 * 36mm/6.3 * 1.42 * 1.42"
Weight: 43g

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