Golf eBooks - Golf Training Program

1. The Golf Setup, Distilled - Ebook

The golf setup, distilled

  1. Detailed visual guidance: Contains 50 carefully crafted illustrations to help you easily grasp proper setup techniques.
  2. Covers every aspect: From stance, grip, distance to the ball - all critical setup fundamentals covered.
  3. Helps improve your golf skills: Provides essential knowledge and skills to elevate your golf game.
  4. Easily accessible ebook format: Read with ease on devices or print out.

2. Big Book Of Golf Workouts

Big Book Of Golf Workouts - The Ultimate Golf Specific Targeted Workouts

Over 50 specialized workouts to fix swing faults, build strength for golfers of all levels.


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3. The Short Game Massterclass - Golf Training Program

The FASTEST Way to LOWER Your Handicap

Say goodbye to missed putts and shaky chips. Learn from experts, perfect your techniques, and ace those crucial shots.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, this masterclass will transform your game. Don't miss out on the chance to level up your golf skills.

4. The Croker Golf System - Golf Training Program

The Croker Golf System

  • Add 20-30 yards without swinging harder
  • Eliminate slice and hook
  • Easy drills you can do at home
  • Used by professional golfers on PGA tour